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How To Ensure Personality Development In Children Through Room Décor - Posted on: 04-08-2021

How To Ensure Personality Development In Children Through Room DécorDecor for personality development

The time between 7 to 13 years of age is known to hold paramount importance in the intellectual, emotional and mental development of young adults. At a time like this, a well-planned bedroom that acts as their exclusive private space goes a long way in raising their self-esteem, overall morale and in creating a sense of belonging. This is also the period during which their imagination reaches its peak. So, it is imperative to understand the role their private space plays in shaping them up and build it accordingly.

Engage children when you plan your décor: While renovating a house, active participation from children in the planning phase re-iterates the fact that their voices, opinions and choices matter. This gives them a sense of belonging and they feel like an integral part of the family. Also, it is okay to experiment with their rooms and consider their quirky, out-of-the-box ideas. These ideas, in most cases, have immense hidden potential which as parents or experts we fail to recognise. The amount of support children can derive from this is largely understated.

Age-appropriate décor and conversation around it: This helps them accept their changing personalities. In young adults, metacognition and adolescent egocentrism are the common emerging skills/qualities. Understanding their state of mind, without being overtly critical, can act as a catalyst for parents to have active conversations with their children regarding their thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

Curated designs help children be more organised: Well- thought out designs, created with the help of active consultation with the children, helps in inculcating core values such as responsibility, organisation and self-sufficiency. They understand that the room is their own personal space and it’s made as per their likes and dislikes which gives them the onus of taking care of their room. This helps them become self-sufficient and responsible at the same time.

Décor to ensure that your child enjoys the environment: A room that has been designed with their involvement turns out to be more memorable and enjoyable in the long run. Rooms with enough free spaces helps children play with their friends or carry out activities without any second thoughts. This is done by designing wardrobes and beds in a way that ensures optimum utilisation of space. Pull out desks, life size wardrobes, drawers on the outside, trundle beds and bunk beds, are a few ways in which this is ensured. Moreover, experimenting with bright colors or neutral spaces with a pop of color helps in breaking away from the usual stereotypes and broadens their thought process.

When you are planning a room makeover, why not start it when they are young? MakaanIQ shares some interesting décor tips to help you make your bundle of joy's formative years the most memorable.

Add patterns


Patterns, wallpapers or even wall decals hold a child's attention. Create a wall that looks right out of a jungle book, or a fairytale scene. This scene will be etched in her memory for the rest of her life.

Happy hues


Use happy colours in her room to ensure that she remains as bright and peppy all the time. These include mint green, sky blue, baby pink, yellow, and red. These colours hold a child's attention for long.

Collect her favourites


Fill her room with different toys which are an imitation of her favourite cartoons or book characters. Keep these toys spread across the room, within her reach, so that she could play with them, when needed. Fill her room with story books that you could read to her at bedtime. Stories are very important to shape a child's impressionable mind.

Her own space


How about giving an identity to her room and make her feel special? You can install carved letters of her name or initials as a wall art on the back wall of her bed. Make sure these letters are covered with bright-coloured cloth. This is how she would be able to quickly pick up the spelling of her name.

Lots of storage


A toddler's room needs to have a lot of storage space. Extra bedsheets, toys, napkins, clothes, diapers and even, first aid. All these things can be placed in cupboards of different sizes and colours, thus adding to the brightness of her room. You could use these cupboards to make her familiar with colours.

Safety, a priority

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You are sceptical to let our kids alone in a room. By taking certain safety measures, you can ensure her safety. Ensure that the crib's side bars are locked when she is sleeping. Do not leave any medicine or other hot liquids within her reach. Make sure that there is no furniture with sharp edges. Having a camera or a voice recorder in the child's room is the latest trend. This device comes with one mouth piece and a speaker. While your child is alone in her room, keep the speaker with you so that you know when she cries or wakes after a nap.

Let her learn 


Once your child has learnt to hold things, buy her some stationery to develop her motor skills. It would be heartening to see her paint on a canvas and in this process end up painting herself too. Tip: Make sure the stationery you pick up is non-toxic.