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Maintain Your Property’s Health - Posted on: 30-05-2021

If not attended to with utmost care, your property may start showing signs of decay. Small issues, hence, could to turn into a much bigger problem. In addition to spending a lot of money to fix the problem, this may also entail a great deal of inconvenience for the residents. Simply put, your house needs regular care and listed here are some ways to ensure the same.

  1. Regular paint job

A fresh coat of paint at regular intervals, would refresh the house, while also ridding it of unwanted moisture, mold and insects. The process involves a thorough cleaning of the property, thus, helping in home improvement.

  1. Clean water supply

Almost no attention is paid to the water inlets, unless there’s some sort of clogging or overflowing involved. Over a period, the pipes used in the house to supply water get dirty and weak. They should be cleaned at certain intervals and replaced immediately, even if a minor fault is found.

  1. Regular cleaning of every nook and cranny

Dust and moisture tend to accumulate in corners of our homes, which aren’t easily accessible, especially on the ground floor. The moisture could seep into the walls, damaging the home’s health considerably. Cleaning of such areas must be a part of your regular cleaning routine.

  1. Maintenance of the flooring

Changes to the flooring involves big money, but you should be ready to make this investment every five years, if you have chosen tile flooring. Even otherwise, the floor must be deeply cleaned every once in a while, to maintain its health by not just regular dusting but by calling in experts, to give it a thorough cleaning.

  1. Pest control

If the contractor gave you a guarantee of a pest-free home for two years after a pest-control session, it would be advisable to call them back immediately after the expiry of that period, instead of waiting for pests to turn up in your house.

  1. Taking care of wooden furniture

Wooden items need extra care, to keep it looking like new and termite-free. If any of the articles have attracted termites, the best policy would be to get rid of the item, before the problem reaches other articles. If a wooden item is seen accumulating moisture, it should also be treated immediately.

  1. Tend to creaks

Creaking is ominous, because it indicates something wrong with the door’s functioning. Ignoring this sound would be a bad thing to do, as it may lead to further damage by the time you tend to it.