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Tips for Home’s Vastu - Posted on: 10-06-2021

In a world that largely depends on apartment-based developments for its housing needs, a buyer often does not have a choice to pick a Vastu-compliant home, the architectural science’s increasing influence on building construction in the recent times notwithstanding. There is, however, no need to lose heart-Vastu is more of a solution-providing science than a problem-indicating art. In this article, we discuss some basic principles on which Vastu is based, to help a flat owner improve the Vastu quotient in their homes.

1.Mind the natural elements: Two most essential elements for any household to run smoothly are fire and water. Any obstruction in the flow of these will cause you a great deal of problems. The landlord should especially be careful of rooms where the two of these elements are at work simultaneously - your kitchen and bathrooms, for instance. Let us make sure there is no disturbance as they work together. Any faulty wires must be fixed immediately; and the same is true of any choking pipes. Be very careful when handling equipment that work on using both, especially geysers, coolers, etc. Make sure the knob supplying the piped natural gas to the stove is put on the off mode when not in use.

2.Respect open spaces: In order to meet budgetary constraints, builders are seen squeezing unit sizes. On their part, buyers often engage in covering open spaces to increase the net usable area in their apartments. This is nothing but a terrible mistake. While the need for usable storage spaces is understandable, what is often overlooked is the fact that you as well as your home badly need the sun, wind and natural light to stay healthy. In their absence, lot many maladies may start making your body a prey. Lack of these elements would lead to your house collecting moisture, and consequently becoming susceptible to damages.   

3.Keep it green: You already know indoor plants help clean the indoor air—they are not only for ornamental purposes. The presence of these living being gives your home an energy which can often not be matched by any other pricey décor item. However, take regular care of your plants. Wilted flowers and vines would do exactly the opposite of what the living plants do.

4.Stay with basic colours: We live in times when a lot of emphasis is laid on innovation. Without undermining the value of innovation though, it’s best to use safe colours for the house paint job. As much as we like dark colours, and super shiny textures, it must be understood that what works for one country paint wise, does not work well for another. We are a country that remains hot almost nine months in a year. There is a reason why we have been using light shades for wall colours since ages now.

5.Objects with sharp edges are not ideal: The world of home décor has undergone a tremendous change. Décor items now come in all sorts of shapes and forms. However, in Vastu, objects with sharp edges are a strict no-no because of their susceptibility to cause damage if they were to come in human contact upon impact. In a smaller setup, handling such objects could be doubly difficult. They are better avoided.

6.Stay minimalistic: Over a period of time, your house becomes a depository of objects you largely don’t need. This is wrong on so many levels, Vastu included. Vastu is all for prudence and all against waste. Collect stuff that you need to maintain the harmony in your home and let go of the objects you do not need.  

7.Cleanliness is next to godliness: Irregular cleaning would not only have an adverse impact on the overall health of your property but also severely kill all positive energy in your home. Regular cleaning of your home along with everything it contains is a must.

 8.Set the rules and follow them to the letter: Oftentimes, not knowing is not our problem. We have a fair idea about what should be done. The problem lies in implementation. Once you know the ground rules to maintain the wellbeing and harmony in your household, it would be better to stick with the rules you set on the subject.

9.Don’t fall for quackery: Since we are going to follow the basic rules of Vastu (and that is good enough, experts would tell you), there is no need to get obsessed with the nitty-gritty and try to find a connection between anything unfavourable that takes place with the Vastu of your home. Apart from causing anxiety, this tendency would lead you to find cures often obtained by way of online/offline quackery.