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Tips to cut down your water consumption. - Posted on: 18-05-2021

Monthly bills paid for water usage are often negligible, irrespective of the amount of water wasted. The only thing that can act as a deterrent for water wastage is that there is a limit to which water is available to us with cities like Chennai and Bengaluru already experiencing an acute water crisis. A little consideration on our part would lower the risk to a great extent. In this article, we share nine tips to cut down your water consumption.

Keep things dry: A great deal of water gets wasted because of our obsession with wet cleaning. Using a floor mop is a more effective way of cleaning than wasting bucket loads of water to clean the dirt off, a common practice among Indian households.

Opt for a semi-automatic washing machine: Compared to a fully-automatic washing machine, a semi-automatic washing machine consumes much less water. In the long run, the annual water wastage in the event of you picking up the former would be much higher. 

Wash clothes judiciously: Excessive washing of clothes results in loss of sheen and luster in them. Wash clothes judiciously - maybe only the ones that are spoilt or sweaty.

Keep the veggies dry: Since we are obsessed with washing, we indulge in washing fruits and vegetables multiple times before we consume them. It would be a more ideal practice to give them one wash right before we are about to consume them. Also, multiple washing leads to fruits and vegetables rotting faster.

Boiled water is purified: Once water is boiled, a lot of its impurities go away. You needn’t use purified water for cooking where heavy boiling is involved. Normal water would be as good.

No shower for bathing: On average, we spend close to 10 minutes in a bath. Using a shower will result in using close to 50-60 liters of water, which is too much. Ideally, take a bath using a small bucket and mug.

Use the wastewater coming out of an RO: While purifying your water, the purifier throws out a lot of wastewater, which could actually be collected and used for cleaning and other purposes. In case you have a dessert cooler, this water would be perfect to get recycled. The same is true of dishwashing and gardening.

No running taps while washing dishes: This is a common practice among all households where a huge amount of water gets wasted at least twice a day. Keep the tap off till the utensils are ready to be washed after applying the dishwashing detergent. Also, use only detergents that are easy to wash off. Some of them stick and take a lot of water to come off.

Utilize stored water until the last drop: Another common way in which water is wasted is by throwing it away after storing it for a long time. Since longer storage amounts to discoloring and water sticking towards the bottom of the storage tank, this water is drained. This water can be perfectly used for chores like watering your plants and other such purposes.