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Vastu Tips For A West-Facing Home - Posted on: 22-05-2021

How Vastu affects one’s life, but when it came to buying a property, made sure they did some due diligence. “A Vastu-compliant home is easy to sell in the secondary market. So, we did not want to take a chance on that. Plus, there is no harm in opting for a house that everyone deems fit,”.

When the couple zeroed down on a property, they were unable to make up their mind about the west-facing unit that they were shown around. Many of our readers might also be in the same dilemma. If you are unable to make up your mind, we are listing the significance, impact and ways of using a west-facing unit for your benefit.

What is a west-facing property?

A unit where the main door faces the west direction is regarded as a west-facing property. While east-facing units are most coveted, west-facing homes can also be made equally auspicious by following a few Vastu tips and tricks. In fact, in some cultures, it is widely believed that living in a west-facing property could bring prosperity, youth and happiness. In India however, homebuyers generally prefer going by Vastu.


  • If you have a west-facing unit, you should not install a borewell in the south-west part of the house.
  • It is important that you must not consider buying a plot/flat that has extended layouts in the south or south-west.
  • It is a big no if your plot is higher in the north than the south.
  • A kitchen in the south-west is also not good. A south-east or north-west kitchen is ideal.
  • Do not go for a bathroom/lavatory in the south-west zone.
  • Floor height should be extended in the east.
  • Do not go for a very big open space in the front.
  • Walls in the south and west of the house should be higher and thicker.
  • Master bedroom should be in the south west, and if it is a property with more than one floor, the master bedroom should be in the highest floor.
  • It is considered auspicious if your west-facing property slopes gently from south to north.
  • The children’s bedroom should be in the north west, west or south.
  • Guest bedrooms should also be in the north west.

It is said that teachers, politicians, priests and corporates can have a smooth life if they opt for a west-facing property, with necessary modifications and alterations.