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Waste water treatment technologies should be highlighted:Governor - Posted on: 2020-02-18

Dr. Prakasam Tata CTWT and Mary Eggert global water works felicitate the Governor of Telangana Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan in a international conference and expo on Water and Waste Management. 

Hyderabad: Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan said the need for development and designing of waste water treatment technologies should be highlighted, as well as the efforts of the Union government and initiatives of the state government for managing waste water. She said initiatives in water and waste management in Telangana state would be strengthened by a memorandum of understanding entered to between Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) and The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

She was speaking after inaugurating the second International Conference and Expo on Water and Waste Management here on Monday. The conference brought together environmental experts from the USA, India, Germany, Thailand and other countries, lawmakers and implementing agencies along with solution providers from across the globe.

Since water and waste management is a burning topic in India, the status of water and waste management, the challenges and possible technical solutions and the legislation required for a better and stronger water and waste management policy in India are areas that the conference may cover.

The emphasis of the two-day conference is on women’s leadership, agriculture, sanitation and hygiene, resource recovery and energy, solid waste management and business opportunities in water and waste management.

The Governor said specific action plans with respect to water and waste management proposals in Telangana state that that would provide solutions for managing water and waste must be encouraged. She invited delegations to Raj Bhavan to discuss the action plan further.

Dr Prakasam Tata, co-chair, waste water management, from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD), Chicago, highlighted the importance of ensuring water availability in India. He added that identification of water and energy nexus for implementation of the policy in the context of Swachh Bharat. He emphasised the need for initiating an action plan as per the MoU of EPTRI with MWRD and its utilisation for extending cooperation for river rejuvenation and waste and water management.

Mr Shyam Pappu, president of WWM, said that the management of natural water resources is very important for sustainable development and building of model villages. Water and waste water management on a daily basis has become a major challenge for municipalities. We need sustainable solutions to overcome the challenge.

Mr Bhaskar Chilukuri, CEO of the conference, said that this second edition of the WWM International Conference will definitely be a platform for exchanging knowledge and research on water and waste management.